UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Requirements

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UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Requirements.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Requirements….After we compile the complete list of undergraduate courses, we saw the amount of interest indicated by many in the UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Requirements.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Requirements.

It is important that you know UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Requirements very well before proceeding to register. To register, you need to get UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission Form here on examstuts.

What is the importance of Knowing UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Requirements? There is a lot to gain as it will deeply help you in making an informed choice.

Here are all the Postgraduate courses offered in UNILORIN and their entry requirements.

See How to apply for UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Entry Requirements

There are 164 UNILORIN postgraduate programmes and courses available in the institution’s Post-Graduate School. Here is a list of the courses and programmes offered in the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) School of Postgraduate Studies:

  • M.Sc. Agric. Extension
  • Ph.D. Agric. Extension
  • M. Phil. Agronomy
  • M.Sc. Agronomy
  • Ph.D. Agronomy
  • M. Phil. Animal Production
  • M.Sc. Animal Production
  • PGD Animal Production
  • Ph.D. Animal Production
  • M.Sc. Crop Protection
  • Ph.D. Crop Protection
  • M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
  • Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
  • M. Phil. Arabic
  • M.A. Arabic
  • Ph.D. Arabic
  • M. Phil. English
  • M. Phil. Literature-In-English
  • M.A. English
  • Ph.D. English
  • Ph.D. Literature-In-English
  • M.A. French Language
  • M.A. History and International Studies
  • M. Phil. Linguistics
  • M. Phil. Yoruba
  • M.A. Ling. & Nig. Lang.
  • M.A. Yoruba
  • Ph.D. Linguistics
  • Ph.D. Yoruba
  • M. Phil. Performing Arts
  • M.A. Performing Arts
  • Ph.D. Performing Arts
  • M.A. Peace and Development Studies
  • Ph.D. Peace and Development Studies
  • M.(Ed.) Guidance and Counselling
  • Ph.D. Guidance and Counselling
  • M.(Ed.) Educational Management
  • M.(Ed.) Science Education
  • Ph.D. Curriculum Development Science
  • M.(Ed.) History and Policy of Education
  • M. Phil. Educational Psychology
  • M. Phil. Social Studies Education
  • M. Phil. Sociology of Education
  • M.(Ed.) Sociology of Education
  • M.(Ed.) Educational Psychology
  • M.(Ed.) Social Studies Education
  • Ph.D. Educational psychology
  • Ph.D. Social Studies Education
  • Ph.D. Sociology of Education
  • M.Ed. Educational Technology
  • M.Phil. Educational Technology
  • Ph.D. Educational Technology
  • M.Ed. Health Education
  • M.Phil. Health Education
  • Ph.D. Health Education
  • M. Phil. Agricultural Engineering
  • M.Eng. Agricultural Engineering
  • Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering
  • M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Integrated Water Resources Management
  • LL.M. Law
  • M. Phil. Law
  • Ph.D. Law
  • LL.M. Islamic Law
  • M. Phil. Islamic Law
  • Ph.D. Islamic Law
  • M. Phil. Anatomy
  • M.Sc. Anatomy
  • Ph.D. Anatomy
  • M. Phil. Physiology
  • M.Sc. Physiology
  • Ph.D. Physiology
  • M.Sc. Medical Microbiology
  • Ph.D. Medical Microbiology
  • M.Sc. Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Ph.D. Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • M.Comm.H. Public Health
  • M.PH Public Health
  • Ph.D. Public Health
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS)
  • M.Sc. Mass Communication
  • Ph.D. Library and Information Science
  • M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Microbiology
  • Ph.D. Microbiology
  • M.Sc. Plant Biology
  • Ph.D. Plant Biology
  • M.Sc. Zoology
  • Ph.D. Zoology
  • M. Phil. Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Chemistry
  • PGD in Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Bio-Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Physics
  • Ph.D. Physics
  • M. Phil. Geological Sciences
  • M.Sc. Geological Sciences
  • PGD in Geology
  • Ph.D. Geological Sciences
  • M. Phil. Microbiology
  • M. Phil. Plant Biology
  • M. Phil. Mathematics
  • M.Sc. Mathematics
  • Ph.D. Mathematics
  • M. Phil. Statistics
  • M.Sc. Statistics
  • Ph.D. Statistics
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics (PGDS)
  • M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  • M. Phil. Business Administration
  • M.Sc. Business Administration
  • Ph.D. Business Administration
  • M.Sc. Economics
  • Ph.D. Economics
  • M.Phil. Geography
  • M.Sc. Geography
  • M.Sc. Political Science
  • Ph.D. Political Science
  • M.Sc. Sociology
  • M.A. Literature-In-English
  • Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
  • M.Ed. Human Kinetics Education
  • M. Phil. Human Kinetics Education
  • Ph.D. Human Kinetics Education
  • Ph.D. Industrial Chemistry
  • M. Phil. Industrial Chemistry
  • M.A. Christian Studies
  • M.A. Islamic Studies
  • M.Sc. Soil Science
  • M.A. Arabic Literature
  • M. Phil. Arabic Literature
  • Ph.D. Arabic Literature
  • M.A. Applied Linguistics
  • M. Phil. Applied Linguistics
  • Ph.D. Applied Linguistics
  • M.A. Yoruba Literature
  • M.(Ed.) Curriculum Development Social Science Education
  • Ph.D. Curriculum Development Social Science Education
  • M. Phil. Soil Science
  • Ph.D. Soil Science
  • M.A. Peace and Security Studies
  • M.A. Literature-In-French
  • Ph.D. Literature-In-French
  • Ph.D. Yoruba Literature
  • M. Phil. Yoruba Literature
  • M. Phil. Christian Studies
  • Ph.D. Christian Studies
  • Ph.D. Comparative Religious Studies
  • M. Phil. Comparative Religious Studies
  • M. Phil. Islamic Studies
  • Ph.D. Islamic Studies
  • M.Sc. Food Science
  • M. Phil. Curriculum Development Social Science Education
  • Master of Public Health Education
  • M.Eng. Chemical Engineering
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
  • M.A. Peace and Strategic Studies
  • M.Phil.Chemical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Tropical Paediatrics
  • Ph.D. Tropical Paediatrics
  • M.Sc. Architecture

UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission Requirements

1. Ph.D. Degree Programmes

  • These are available to holders of M.A; M.Ed.; M.Eng.; M.Sc.; LL.M; M.Comm.H.; and M.P.H degrees, with a minimum of 60% or cumulative Grade Point Average score in their Master degree programmes.
  • A UNILORIN Ph.D. degree programme runs for a minimum period of 36 calendar months and a maximum period of 48 calendar months for full-time candidates OR a minimum period of 48 calendar months and a maximum period of 60 calendar months for part-time candidates.
  • Relevant Courses will be taken for the Ph.D. studies where prescribed and a Thesis is required at the end of the UNILORIN Ph.D. programme.

2. M.Phil /Ph.D. Degree Programmes

  • Candidates who score between 55.00 and 59.99 percent Cumulative Grade Point Average can apply for admission into the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil/Ph.D.) degree programme.
  • The UNILORIN M.Phil/Ph.D. degree programme is available only to full-time candidates. It runs for a minimum period of 12 calendar months and a maximum period of 24 calendar months and a dissertation is produced after the research work.
  • Candidates in this category are eligible for conversion to Ph.D. candidature, following a progress assessment report to be made by a Panel of Examiners at the end of the first session of registration. To be eligible for conversion for the Ph.D. program, candidates are expected to score not less than 60% (aggregate) at the end of the first session.

3. Master Degree Programmes

  • M.A.; M.Ed.; M.Eng.; M.Sc.; M.Com.H., LL.M and M.P.H. degrees run for a minimum period of 24 calendar months and a maximum period of 36 calendar months for full-time candidates OR a minimum period of 36 calendar months and a maximum period of 48 calendar months for part-time candidates.
  • All Master Degree Programmes are by course work. This is in addition to a research report at the end of which a dissertation is produced.

4. Postgraduate Diploma Degree Programmes

  • UNILORIN Postgraduate Diploma degrees are available to candidates with a Third class (honours) degree or lower. Applicants are to note that, programmes automatically lapses at the expiration of the maximum duration for each programme. However, a candidate may apply for an extension of not more than 12 months, in the first instance, subject to a maximum of two such extensions.

5. General information      

  • The UNILORIN Postgraduate session for the Master degree and UNILORIN Postgraduate Diploma is for 12 calendar months, commencing on 2nd October and ending on 30th September of the following year, while for the M.Phil. / Ph.D. and Ph.D. programme is 12 calendar months, session starts to count automatically on the date of first registration.

Eligibility for UNILORIN Postgraduate Academic Programmes

Criteria 1:

Applicants for the UNILORIN Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science shall satisfy one of the following:

  • a minimum of first degree from a recognized University in the Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences or the Humanities disciplines.
  • HND in Computer Science or Engineering from recognized Polytechnics with a minimum of Lower Credit; and
  • HND in any other discipline different from those in (ii) but preferably from Sciences or Social Sciences with a minimum of Lower Credit from a recognized Polytechnic or equivalent Institution, with at least one year cognate experience.

Criteria 2:

Applicants for Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics shall satisfy one of the following:

  • A minimum of an honour’s degree from a recognized University in any of Science and Social Science disciplines;
  • HND in Statistics from a recognized Polytechnic with a minimum of Lower Credit.

Criteria 3:

Applicants for the UNILORIN Master degree programmes who are graduates of the University of Ilorin and other recognized Universities, must have a minimum of Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division) and must be applying for programmes in which they have their first degrees.

However, applicants with Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division) and those with higher classes of degrees seeking admissions into programmes outside those in which they have their first degrees may be admitted, provided they satisfy Senate in a qualifying examination to be conducted. The least class of Degree for all academic programme applicants is Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division).

Regardless of the institution where the Bachelor’s degree is obtained, ALL candidates shall apply early for their official Bachelor’s degree transcript to be sent to the Secretary Postgraduate School, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria, before the expiration of the stated deadline.

Criteria 4:

Applicants for the Ph.D. degree programme shall have obtained a relevant Master degree of this or other recognized University, with an average weighted score of at least 60%.

Short-listed candidates would be required to satisfy the UNILORIN Postgraduate School in the qualifying interviews and assessments by the relevant Department. Applicants are therefore advised to interact with the department to which they have applied to ascertain the date of the interview for the Ph.D. degree programme.

Regardless of the Institution where the Master’s degree was obtained, ALL candidates must apply early for their official Master degree academic transcripts to be sent to the Postgraduate School, University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Ilorin, Nigeria, for the purpose of this admission and before the expiration of the stated deadline.

All candidates must have 5 O/L credit passes, including English Language and Mathematics or pass in Mathematics, where applicable.

Criteria 5:

All Higher Degree candidates that attended foreign Universities, where English language is not the medium of instruction, should submit to the Postgraduate School, evidence of their English Language proficiency, e.g., TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Criteria 6:

Applicants for the UNILORIN Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters degree Programmes will be subjected to the written assessment (qualifying examination) irrespective of the class of degree obtained, except applicants from the University of Ilorin with a First Class and Second class, Upper Division (Honours)

Criteria 7:

International applicants (Applicants who are domiciled outside Nigeria, and non–Nigerian and applying outside the country) shall be exempted from the qualifying examination.

However, International applicants applying from outside the country for the Doctor of Philosophy programmes shall be requested to submit a proposal of not more than 5 pages, giving details of what research they intend to carry out. This should be sent electronically to pgschool@unilorin.edu.ng

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