Series: The Destructive Influence of Pornography amongst Today’s Youths (Part 1)

Series: The Destructive Influence of Pornography amongst Today’s Youths (Part 1)

In a series of life-changing articles in the next few weeks to come, we will be looking at the impact and influence of pornography on people, especially among the young generation.

Influence of Pornography
Influence of Pornography

In this article, we will define pornography in its entirety; the various form of porn and its addictive nature, negative effects, after effect, and how to overcome porn addiction.

We will also talk about related cases such as masturbation, incontinency, excessive lust, and sexual vices including rape.

Those who are not addicted to porn might not understand the destructive nature it carries neither will they know the effect it has on one’s productivity.

Porn addiction which we shall be addressing emphatically in this article has the capacity to bring the person involved from an exalted position to the gutters.

So just what is pornography?

What is Pornography?

Pornography is the depiction of sordid and graphic sexual acts in any form- writings, pictures, lyrics, and videos to create sexual arousal in the reader, listener, or viewer. Nowadays, porn is more depicted in videos and pictures more than any form aided by the exponential growth and use of the internet. Internet pornography is now synonymous with pornography. In summary, pornography is a sexual vice that corrupts the mind and distorts the function of nature’s original purpose for sex.

The Purpose of Pornography

The main intent of pornographic materials is to create arousal and satisfy sexual desire the wrong way. A person who watches pornography will definitely masturbate. That is because masturbation is the only way to tame the arousing sexual feeling which is definitely not right.

Forms of Pornography

When discussing porn, people only tend to think about videos, but pornography can take many forms. Rotten musical lyrics for instance is still porn. A conventional movie that involves a lot of romance scene is still pornography (erotica). Pornography can be depicted in books or photoshoots. In fact, anything that reveals sensitive parts of the body or causes illicit sexual desires and arousal is pornography.

Porn Addiction and It’s Effect

Pornography is so addictive, it is worse than crack cocaine in its addiction. The addictive nature of pornography is caused by the feelings of pleasure with which it gives the user and moreover it often leads to masturbation.  Pornography and masturbation go hand in hand.

When you are watching porn and of course masturbating, there are chemical releases in your brain. These chemicals are what cause the good feelings you have when you are ejaculating. The amount of energy needed to release sperm is the same amount of energy you need to do one week’s work.

When you watch porn, it causes arousal, and when you are aroused, you will want to relive the tension by masturbating. When you keep doing this, it depletes your energy and reduces your creativity, and very soon you will start having memory loss. That is one after-effect of too much porn and masturbation.

Pornography is so addictive that if you are addicted to it, you will always search for more and “hotter” porn to keep you high and aroused. From a little or seemingly harmless nude picture you use to view, you will graduate to hardcore pornography and soon those hardcore videos will no longer arouse you. You will have to look for something more sordid to keep you high. This is what gives birth to different genres of pornographic in pornographic movies.

Pornography addiction causes a reduction in productivity because the addict is preoccupied with nothing else but sex and he keeps creating sexual images in his head which might lead to forced sex with anybody around (rape).

The rise of the internet in our generation has created a surge in the number of internet porn users especially among the youths who form over 70% of internet users in the world.

Just like a drug addict cannot perform well in life, a porn addict can as well not perform well in life. The addict is a social outcast who is averse to his environment and society. The porn addict is socially withdrawn and is predominantly occupied only by his thoughts.

Porn addiction leads to social awkwardness and shyness. Sadly enough, there are a lot of talented and destined young people who are in this mess and do not know how they got into it or how to get out.

Porn addiction is the chief reason why a lot of young and great talents are roaming around hopeless and depressed. This is because Pornography addiction is not just an addiction on its own, it gives birth to a whole lot of other vices which includes:

  • Masturbation Addiction
  • Rape tendencies
  • Sexual vices and incontinency
  • Stealing
  • Social awkwardness and
  • Outright depravity
  • Poor productivity
  • Forgetfulness
  • Poverty

Stealing is included because most addicts are thieves; one must steal to keep the habit.

You might be wondering why I am writing this or how I got to know all this, I am writing this not because I read it somewhere but because I have experienced it.

Discussing porn is so extensive, and cannot be exhausted in one article, hence the reason I have decided to break it into parts in series.

From experience, I have learned that pornography is a life and destiny destroyer. I really do not have the grace to write otherwise this article would have been a full book.

So does that mean there is no hope for the porn addict? NO! There is certainly hope.

If you have been tied down by the chains and cords of porn addiction, and you certainly desired to come out of it, you can actually be free, but you have to know that it is going to be a long walk to freedom.

it takes more than an effort, it takes extra effort to be free. The chains of porn addiction are so long and strong that it has to be broken one after the other until it gets to the root.

In most case, pornography is not a real problem, but an underlying sexual dysfunction and behavior that need to be addressed.

I am not saying the step I will give you will proffer you a total solution, but if you follow the instructions here with faith, by God’s special grace, you will be victorious.

In the next article on this series, we will be addressing the steps to overcoming pornography addiction. Please keep the date.

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