How to start Quail Bird Farming Business In Nigeria – Cost, Benefit and Risks.

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How to start Quail Bird Farming Business In Nigeria – Cost, Benefit and Risks.

How to start Quail Bird Farming Business In Nigeria…Quail birds belong to the poultry family. They naturally feed on mealworms, water, and where available, the oyster shells or cattle bones. Just like other birds, quails love the sand – they dust bathe in it. The jumbo brown, golden, and normal brown variations of quails can be sexed in about 3 weeks after birth, and in a matter 12 weeks (i.e., 3 months) would have become sexually mature, ready for the market as broilers. If they are raised for laying eggs (layers),it takes between 4 to 10 for them to become mature to start producing eggs.

Quail Bird Farming

How to start Quail Bird Farming Business In Nigeria

What do these all show?

That Quail birds are low-cost in terms of rearing, and offer a good returns on Investment (ROI), if managed well. Quail like other poultry may be reared either for their meat or for their eggs. The egg production aspect of the business is the more profitable, so most people go into quail farming for the purpose of egg production.

Now, based on what I have discussed so far, the preambles above, I prevent to you this article titled, “How to start Quail Bird Farming Business in Nigeria – Cost, Benefit and Risks”. Let’s now delve into the details.

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From The look of things, it seems most likely that this article will cover major areas such as:

This also happens to be the question bordering on peoples mind when they are about starting Quail Farming Business.

Cost Estimate For Starting Quail Bird Farming Business In Nigeria

An ides of the cost estimate for starting quail bird farming business in Nigeria goes to show if you will be able to do this business or not.

To start bird farming business, you can use any amount from N200, 000. With a well-crafted marketing strategy, it is possible to make about N100,000 monthly on average from the business. See how the money will be spent below:

  1. Cost of acquiring about 250 matured female quails at N500 each = N125,000
  2. Cost of getting 50 matured male quails at N300 each = N15,000
  3. Cost of Housing for the birds (i.e., 2step 3feet width and four feet length) = N25,000
  4. Cost of Feeders/drinkers = N4000
  5. Cost of Feeds = 9 (25kg) bags per month = N22,500
  6. Miscellaneous = N8,500

Total Cost = N200,000.

Please, note that all but the last options above are fixed costs. Also, note that the cost of the birds themselves (male and female quails), housing, feeders/drinkers, cage, etc. might vary slightly depending on the area you live in.

So, check around before you set out. You might need a slightly lower or higher startup capital to get this business off the ground.

Benefits of Starting Quail Bird Farming Business In Nigeria

Like I said while opening this discussion, quail birds are very easy to rear. Unlike (or similar to) other poultry, they become full grown at exactly 12 weeks. Immediately they hatch, with good feeding arrangement, they begin to grow, and they grow very fast.

Quail eggs have nigh nutritional value, no wonder why many people rush for their eggs. As such, you can choose to sell off the eggs to the immediate buyer or hatch them for breeding to sell later.

Quail feeds are economical too. According to a report, a 50kg bag of quail feed could last up to at least 2 months, and it is not even costly. You will make better ROI if you are rearing the coturnixor buttons breeds of quail.

Also, quail birds rearing do not need much space.Coturnix breed, for example, needs only about 1 sq. ft. of space per bird, hence economizing the space especially where the space is limited. You can use the remaining space to grow your own mealworms which you’ll use in feeding the birds, keep feeds, feeding troughs, etc.

Profit in Quail Farming Business

Quail eggs go for about N20 per egg. From our cost estimates above, if your 250 female quails can lay one egg each, daily, that is 225 or more eggs in a day. Multiply this by 30 days in a month, which gives roughly 6750 eggs monthly. Less mortality or unforeseen situations from this (i.e., some eggs may crack), that gives say 6740 eggs x N20 each= N129, 400 monthly.

Research and experience shows that quail lay eggs for a minimum of 18 months. So, taking one year for example, given the above monthly revenue, it will be possible to make nothing less than N1, 552, 800 from a business you started with about N200, 000 only.

Risks Involved in Starting Quail Bird Farming Business In Nigeria

Quail birds’ rearing has its own down side, which isthat quails are seasonal layers. That is, they don’t lay eggs all the time unless they are provided with at least 14 hours of light. So, in the rainy season in Nigeria, you would need to make arrangement for extra lighting in the room where they are housed if you must get eggs from them.

This “artificial lighting”it has its own disadvantage on the layers too and general production – it makes them to degenerate(i.e., shrink in size) much quicker, thereby requiring that you replenish your stock as soon as possible. As such, you’d be having more of younger quail birds which many people may not patronize.

Steps To StartQuail Bird Farming Business In Nigeria

All said, lets now examine how to start the business, briefly.

(1) Get A Business Plan

A realistic business plan is sine qua none to the realization of success in any kind of business, especially a bankable business venture of which quail business is not an exception. Before getting your business plan done, first of all do a thorough market research (i.e., a feasibility study) to know whether this business will be viable in your area or nor.

Upon doing this, you will be able to see for yourself the nature of the market, its size, the available competitors, threats and survival strategies you can adopt to win the market, etc. Your business plan will, therefore serves as your golden blueprint which keep you on track while pursuing your business.

(2) Build AndMaintain The Quail House

Although here in Nigeria, you can site your quail farm almost anywhere, it is better that you site it outside residential areas because of the stench it might produce when the business goes large.

For people who wish to keep it low-scale, the backyard or any well-ventilated space is ok. With properly maintenance, you your quail house will be free from contamination, pests, and disease which can cause mortality and loss. So, keep it tidy and secure from predators at all times.

(3) Choose Viable Quail Breeds:

How viable your quail farming business will be is a function of the breed of the parent stock, just like it is with other livestock farming businesses. Thus, ensure that the breed of quails you are rearing is from a healthy and prolific stock.

If you wish to farm quails for the eggs, then go for layer breeds such as British range, English White, Tuxedo, and Manchurian golden. These are the best breeds for this. The offside of these breeds is that they do not grow big and as such will not convert if raised for the meat.

Although the meat production aspect of quail farming is not as patronized as that of eggs, people still go into it. So, if you wish to do quail farming for the meats, then you should go for broiler breeds like White America, Bob white, White breasted Indian, etc. These are the best breeds for meat production.

(4) Give Your Birds Quality Feeds

Quails unlike chickens, are not heavy feeders but feed on chicken feeds, mealworms,oyster shells, cattle bones, water, etc. From experience,the mature quail needs about 25grams of feed in a day. A mature chicken, on the other hand,requires and consumes about 150grams of the same feed per day. So, you can see that quails are light-feeders when compared to chicken.

(5) Market The Business

Quail eggs especially have a very large and ever expandingmarket here in Nigeria. However, due to the large unawareness of the nutritional and health benefits of these eggs, many people across the country still prefer chicken eggs to quail eggs.

To match this challenge, therefore, proper and relatively high publicity is required on the part of the farmer to get people aware of not just the availability of the eggs (or broilers), but their health and nutritional benefits. You can leverage on the social media, mass media and other electronic media to achieve this.

Your job will, however, not be very difficult if you had conducted a thorough market research to know if people around you accept of quails– the eggs or the meat. From there you will know whether to proceed with the business or not.

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