How To Study Abroad In France: Tips To Study Abroad In France

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How To Study Abroad In France: Tips To Study Abroad In France.

How To Study Abroad In France…France the home of exotic cultures is the place we will choose to focus on our study abroad series of articles today. To get the complete information, scroll down and continue reading below.

How To Study Abroad In France

How To Study Abroad In France: Tips To Study Abroad In France

France is an exciting place to study. But before I say anything about studying in France, understand first of all that France is a francophone country, home to the official French language. So, as someone from the Anglophone (English-speaking) country, or any other country which official lingua franca is not the French language, have it at the back of your mind that one of the hurdles you will face in France is language barriers. So, you should do something about this before leaving your country to study in France. I mean, you should learn the language or have a fair knowledge of it before or immediately after going there.

Secondly, you need to make a choice of the study option you wish to do there. This is handled somewhere in this article. Third, you need to decide how you want to run your accommodation while in France. Get full details on this towards the end of this guide.

By the time you’re done reading this, you should be on your way to studying in France.

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Why You Should Study In France

See the key reasons why you should choose France as your destination study abroad country:

  1. France is one of Western Europe’s largest and most populous countries. The country has strong military, political, cultural, and economic ties across entire Europe and the rest of the world, African countries inclusive. This shows that the country is not only strong, but highly developed, technology-driven, secure and self-supporting in many things.
  2. It is on record that the country has about 17,000 American students who come to France for studies yearly. So, if citizens from a world superpower like America could choose France as their destination study abroad country, it, therefore, informs that the country offers quality and standard education.

With this groundwork, therefore, let’s delve into how to study in France from another country.

What You Should Know About Getting Admission to Study In France

  1. If you must to enroll directly in a French university without much stress, then you should have a reasonably good knowledge of the French language. You will have a comparative advantage over those who don’t.
  2. A programme in French university can last between two months and 1 year (for even a Masters’ degree programme)
  3. Most French schools require that interested applicants take a standardized French test and earn a level of at least B1-B2 before they can be considered for admission into their schools via direct enrollment.

To get a good level of French fast, simply enroll for an intensive French course for at least one month when you get admission into a French school at the beginning of the school year. This could be expensive with tuition up to 10x the regular tuition. So, if you really wish to go to France to study, why not spend some time first in your home country and learn French language before moving to France?

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Why You Should Learn the French Language

When you are in France, you will need to engage in several bureaucracies aside from ordinary communication. As such, you need to know the French language and speak it else you may be cheated, marginalized or insulted especially when it comes to bureaucracy surrounding getting a mobile phone, university registration, student ID, housing, etc. You must consider leaning about these areas in French so that you can handle anything that revolves around these yourself.

See what you can do below:

  1. Enroll in a French class, school or do a part-time course on French language in a formal or informal school.
  2. Get a French tutor to teach you at home, in the office, and anywhere convenient to you.
  3. Try talking in French at random to practice what you learn and also make friends with people who speak French language in your home country to sharpen your French-speaking skills.
  4. Learn informal French: if you cannot speak the formal French, then, learn the informal French spoken by the environment where your destination school is domiciled. This might include informal French like Verlan, French tyke, or the unique slangs spoken by resident of Toulouse, Nantes, Paris especially if you wish to school in these areas.
  5. Studying and rehearsing conversations that you hear or have with people in French language. You should go on French dating sites and social media to make friends with people who speak French so that you can learn the language from there.
  6. Learn the French in Your Study’s Vocabulary. You need to familiarize yourself with the vocabularies that are there in your anticipated subject areas. Knowing these ahead of the admission will help in making your first few lectures experiences worthwhile.

France Study Abroad Options

There are many options through which one can study in France. You can either pay for your study or get the education you desire for free. In all, the following options are available for anyone to use and study in France:

  1. Homestays option,
  2. Direct enrollment options,
  3. Volunteer opportunities,
  4. Excursions to points of interest in France
  5. Internships options,
  6. Option of doing intensive language school programs
  7. Pre-college and post-graduate options

Top Cities to Study In France

If you wish to go to France to study, you may consider choosing a school from any of the recommended locations below:

  1. Paris (capital of France)
  2. Aix-en-Provence
  3. French Alps
  4. Strasbourg
  5. Chamonix
  6. Rennes

Accommodation options in France

While in France, you have several accommodation options. You can stay with your relatives if you have one (some) resident in France, live with a French host family, rent a room, or live in college hostels with other students. Each of these has their comparative advantaged. In general, they allow you to acclimatize yourself with native French speakers, get free food, build personal relationships, have a flexible study experience, engage in social activities, and get better with speaking French language while you study in France.

Steps to Study Abroad In France

To study in French country like France, you need to have an idea of the country’s official’s language – French. This has multiple benefits as you have seen in this guide.

Applying For Admission In France

Next, you have the option of either visiting the official website of any French University you wish to study in and apply for a program there by yourself or passing through a third party (i.e., study abroad processors) which can help you to process your admission into a French school. There are several of such third party study abroad organization and websites on the internet and offline. Please do thorough background checks for credibility of these third party study abroad processors first before handing any of them your money.

Visa Processing and Transport to France for Studies

When you are admitted into the school, most third-party overseas admission processors would also help you with the Visas and passports and also help you process your transportation to the school’s campus.

The above is particularly for people who are going with the undergraduate and post-graduate options. Others, who choose any of the remaining 6 options may simply process their Visas, go to France and study whatever they wish to study.

A Few French Schools You Can Enroll in for a Course in France

  1. L’Université Lumière, Lyon.
  2. ESSCA Truman State University.
  3. Strasbourg – Accès Classique.
  4. The American University of Paris.
  5. The University of Pau.
  6. The Middlebury C.V. Starr School in France.

I hope this guide helps. Drop your comment(s) below if you need more guidance.

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