How To Start A Freelance Writing As A Business In Nigeria.

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How To Start A Freelance Writing As A Business In Nigeria. Do you want to make a career as a freelance writer? Then read this guide on How To Start A Freelance Writing As A Business In Nigeria to the end.

Writing as we all know is an inherent skill. However, how a write-up or article is presented will determine whether it should be read or discarded. For your work to gain a wide readership, it should be interactive, appealing and useful. A freelance writer is someone who has a passion for writing and can make lucrative ends from it as a business or a career.

How To Start A Freelance Writing As A Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Freelance Writing As A Business In Nigeria

Writing, to say the least, is not all that easy a job to do. You need to invest a considerable amount of time to develop your skills into making this career worthwhile. You need to get the necessary tools, network with like minds in the field and also stay up-to-date with what is currently in the business. You need all these to build yourself into becoming that proficient and productive freelance writer you have always dreamt of without losing out on style, frequency, and other functional aspects of the writing business.

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Freelancing Writing Business

Freelance writing business is a professional business where you offer various writing services that help you to convert your skills into cash. The business comes with various opportunities and is built on time-based delivery; there is a stipulated timeframe for you to deliver your jobs to your clients.

Being passionate about writing and working independently enables you as a freelance writer to work remotely and make stupendous success writing for money here in Nigeria. Here, you can choose to do all the writing jobs yourself or contract them to fellow freelance writers to do while working as their supervisor. If you choose the later, you, therefore, become a contractual freelance worker. This implies that you can take on as many writing projects as possible and deliver them to your clients on time. You really need to hire these helping hands once the business starts becoming bigger or when the workload exceeds your carrying capacity. Else, you can do everything on your own.

As such, you need to have a concrete understanding and a fair knowledge of your area of specialty and employ only people that specialize in that. Also, ensure that you do a good job on every project that comes your way. Furthermore, be prolific at all times.

How to Start A Freelance Writing Business

Starting a freelance writing business in Nigeria is a very good thing to do. You can either run it as a business or as a part-time job since it is an opportunity to earn extra money on a recurrent basis.

Below are the various steps to starting a freelance writing business in Nigeria:

  1. Choose an Area of Expertise:

You need to choose an area, a niche where your strengths and/or interest lie. Let’s say that you are good at cooking, for example. Then, you could simply settle for the cooking writing niche. This is because beside the fact that you can brush up yourself with books, journals, other articles and several materials, you already have passion for this.

Passion, as far as writing is concerned is the pill that boosts the entire writing endeavor. It comes first. You may not have all the important points to write an article initially, but since what you are writing on is where your interest lies, it is arguable that you’ll ever give up on the job! The interest and passion will keep spurring you up to keep researching till you find the information or material that you need for the write-up.

For you to curate precise, useful, and genuine information in a write-up, which is comprehensive and informative to the reader, you need to first of all have passion and interest in that field. So, the first thing to do is to find and settle for a niche that you have passion and interest in.

  1. Research and Read books:

There is no gain stating the fact that the more you read, the more you know. Every book you read adds an idea, new information, and a new insight to you. It gives you more knowledge about a certain field. To be a good freelance writer, you should try and be an avid reader.

After choosing an area of interest, the next thing to do is to build yourself by doing useful researches and reading a lot of books on that niche (field). Doing these go a long way in sharpening your writing skills and in improving your knowledgebase in your chosen area of interest or niche thereby reducing plagiarism in your work(s) and also making your works unique.

  1. Choose a Writing Platform:

There are various freelance platforms available on the internet for every prolific writer to showcase his/her skills and earn more money doing that. All you need to do is to interact with the clients and convince them of your competencies.

Here is a list of freelance writing platforms you could try:

  1. Freelancer:
  2. Fiverr:
  3. Upwork:
  4. Guru:
  5. PeoplePerHour:

You can sign-up on any of these platforms. They are all free to try

  1. Build a Portfolio:

Since you are starting our as a beginner on any of the platforms above, you need to build an attractive portfolio of your works and showcase them in your personal account section of the site for any client to view them and contact you for a job

For instance, if your area of interest is health, you can develop eye-catching write-ups and showcase them on your portfolio. No client wants to work with a seller he/she has not seen the previous works of such a seller. They want to see the past works you have done and how convincing enough they are before they can consider hiring your services.

  1. Get Useful Writing Tools:

For you to run freelance writing business in Nigeria successfully, you need a good personal laptop of your own. By “good” I mean that it must have a good battery life (especially in cases where there is no (or limited supply of) electricity), good graphics, sizeable ram, sizeable RAM, and other necessary components of a good laptop.

Also, you need internet access. There are many internet subscription plans in town which you can subscribe to hourly, daily, weekly night plan, monthly, etc.

You should also keep upgrading your skills especially the fundamental computer skills to stay afloat and be able to do most of your jobs by yourself.

Finally, consider hiring helping hands to help out when you have a lot on your hands and a limited timeframe to deliver orders.

  1. Set your Bids:

After going through any of the freelance writing platforms above and having understood their environment, you can then set your bid(s) or rate (fee) per hour. The amount you set per hour will give you an idea of what you will earn at the end of the project and/or at the end of the month.

Do not bid too low or too high. Keep your prices moderate if you intend to get more clients. Considerable bids or rates attract more clients because your work will not imply being cheap and it will not look too expensive. With time, you may augment your rates at least, to scale up with your portfolio.

  1. How to Cash out:

While creating or managing your account on any of the freelance writing sites above, you would have supplied your bank account details to which the companies will send your money. In cases where you cannot cash into your local (Nigerian) bank account, you can use services like Paypal, Payoneer, etc. These could be linked to your bank account and would serve as subsidiaries through which you get your money. Once your job is approved by the client, your money gets to any of your preferred medium of collection.

I believe this guide has given you a clue on what becoming a prolific freelance writer in Nigeria entails, from an international dimension. Please share. Sharing is love.


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