How to Start a Cooking Gas Business: Cooking Gas Business In Nigeria

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How to Start a Cooking Gas Business: Cooking Gas Business In Nigeria.

How to Start a Cooking Gas Business…Hey there! Are you planning on establishing a cooking gas business? This article will be the perfect guide you need. If you are really serious about starting a Cooking Gas Business, scroll down and read to the end.

How to Start a Cooking Gas Business

How to Start a Cooking Gas Business

Liquid petroleum gas known in normal parlance across Nigeria as cooking gas is one of the widely used petroleum products alongside petrol and kerosene. It is a highly inflammable and risky to use product. However, this has not overshadowed its usefulness in almost every home in Nigeria. This increased usage has, in turn, led to the boom of the cooking gas business by different vendors. Cooking gas business is a fast-growing business. This is unconnected to the fact that it is one of the most lucrative business ventures anyone can start and make good profits from in Nigeria at present.

One then wonders, how easy is it to get into this business, what amount of money is needed to have to start this business, and what the potential profits could be. Worry no more as this guide covers all of that. Come along with me as I take you into the means and ways to go about starting cooking gas business in Nigeria and how to make good profits from it.

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The following are the required steps to starting the business successfully.

  1. Learn the Rudiments of the Business

Unlike some other types of business and unlike most people will tell you about this business, the first thing to do when you want to start the business is to attach yourself to the people already in the business. From there you learn the rudiments of the business like where to buy the product and its tools, how to weigh and sell the product, how to get and keep your customers, how to avoid Hazards which is mostly fire outbreak as a result of the inflammable nature of the product, etc. Also you will learn how to refill cooking gas, how to change valves and so on and so forth.

  1. Identify the Right Location and Market

After learning the basic things about the business, the next thing to do is to find a good location where the business will boom.  You must ensure that the area you choose is an area that your market will be well seen and patronized. For this gas cooking business, one must stay in an area where the people already are used to cooking with gas or are presently cooking with gas or can be convinced to start using cooking gas.

  1. Get Your Start-up capital

Finally, we have gotten to the money part. Don’t be scared please, it is not much. According to experts, that is, people who are already involved in the business of selling cooking gas, the business can be started with about 300,000 Naira. I can see you smiling now. With this amount, you can get a minimum of 12 cylinders (this is the one you will store your product inside) and a shop. That is, if you want to start as a small retailer of the cooking gas.

Also, from this money, you can get few gas cookers to sell to people who don’t have one at home and by so doing, you expand your market. However, if you intend to start big, you may need about 4 million Naira. That is a small amount of money I guess. Yes, it is. With this amount, you can build a gas plant and become a wholesaler to small retailers of cooking gas. Also, you can equally engage in the retail sales of cooking gas at your gas plant.

To make additional money from the business aside from selling cooking gas cylinders like I already mentioned you should also engage in the sales of cooking gas accessories like gas cookers, valves, burner heads, etc.

  1. Employing Hands to Help

There comes the question, can cooking gas business be run alone all by the entrepreneur? The answer is Yes and No. Yes, in the sense that when starting off newly with little patronage and smaller workload, you don’t necessarily need any helping hand. But then, No in the sense that as the business gets bigger, you may not be able to handle it all by yourself. When the business has grown to a considerable level, that is where you will need someone to serve as a technician, a cashier or an especially when you are not around but while scouting for employers, go for People who are skilled or who are teachable to assist you with the work

  1. Join the Right Association(s)

This is the next important step to take in this business. Like all other businesses, there is always an association (i.e., union) where people doing the same type of business fall under. So, kindly join the different associations in cooking gas business in Nigeria such as the Nigeria LP Gas Association. This is the umbrella body which regulates operations of Stakeholders in the Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gas sector. There is also the Nigeria Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers. Joining these associations helps as it will direct you in the right direction on what to do or not to do in the business.

N/B: “LP” stands for Liquefied Petroleum

After all said and done, to start any business there is need to have customers and the only way you can have customers is to advertise near and far. Thank God we are in an age of information wildfire that is, easy spread of information). You need to engage in the use of the different media to inform people about your business. Also, encourage people to tell other people about your business a system better known as the referral system. You can start this with the help of your immediate family members, your friends, friends of family, and members of your social circle. From there, the message will get to the people on your street, in your Church or Mosque and then to people you don’t even know in the larger society. Also, this would be made easier with the use of incentive. Yes, you should consider giving out incentives to encourage more patronage.

You should also engage the social media heavily in the marketing of your business, this will help to advertise your business beyond your area or present location and social media and the internet is the cheapest way to achieve that

With all that I have said so far you should now come to terms with the fact that cooking gas business is not a difficult business to do at all, yet is one of the successful businesses in town. I hope you have learnt a thing or two from this piece and will decide to set up this business in no time. I will like to end this with one of the greatest proverbs I have always used all my life “a little drop of water can make a mighty ocean”. So, Like Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote would say, start small, but dream big!

Kindly leave a comment, feedback, a contribution if you have any. Thank you. Please share.

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