Guide To Graduate School Scholarships 2020: How To Get Graduate School Scholarships

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Guide To Graduate School Scholarships 2020: How To Get Graduate School Scholarships.

Guide To Graduate School Scholarships 2020: How To Get Graduate School Scholarships. Graduate school scholarships are essential for opening doors of endless career opportunities.

Graduate School Scholarships

For example, obtaining a master’s degree can significantly raise your salary.

But you have to know that those benefits come with a price. Graduate school is crazy expensive. The average debt for someone with a Master of Arts degree is a gulp-inducing $58,539.

Resigning yourself into debt is not the option as there are many available Graduate School Scholarships that can help to offset the educational cost of schooling in a grad school. You can combine them to pay for tuition, books, and even room and board.

In this article we will look at grants, fellowships for grad school and the differences between them.

This article is made short and precise to the point.

The Difference between Scholarships, grants and Fellowship for Graduate Students

Grants for graduate school are like scholarships in that you don’t have to pay them back. If you withdraw from school, you may have to refund part or the entire grant, so know the individual grant’s rules. While scholarships are often merit-based, grants are need-based and can relate to your prospective field.

Fellowships for graduate students generally relate to a short-term opportunity to study or conduct research in a specific field. Awarded for academic excellence, they can include an internship or other service commitment and can pay for living expenses, or offer a stipend. Fellowship opportunities can be found in most graduate fields.

How To Find Graduate school scholarships

Scholarships are provided by organizations, companies, state and many more. They can either be need based or merit based.

The scholarship amounts awarded to graduate students tends to be more modest than those of the undergraduates.  Below are the various ways to customize your search for graduate scholarships:

By school: Many universities offer scholarships to graduate students from their own funds to attract students with the strongest academic performance. Your school or program is a great source to learn about these opportunities.

By field: If you’re entering a program where your expertise is in short supply—especially in the STEM areas—focus on graduate scholarships from corporations, professional organizations, and foundations.

By demographic: Graduate scholarships are available for specific populations, such as women and minorities, including African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans. They’re also available for students, foster children, first-generation college students, and non-traditional students who are cognitively and physically disabled.

By region: There’s often more attention paid to national scholarships. But don’t forget to search for scholarship opportunities for graduate students from your home state or region—a smaller candidate pool can increase your chances. Call your state’s Department of Education for information.

Three Important Tips For Applying For Graduate Scholarships

To find Graduate School Scholarships even faster, you will need to follow the step below.

  • Be methodical.Keep track of the essay questions you’ve already answered—you can use them in additional applications.
  • Don’t box yourself in.Along with field-specific scholarships, consider the criteria that you used as an undergrad. Broaden your search and look for scholarships based on your region, ethnicity, interest, religious affiliation, or hobbies.
  • Make a scholarship budget.Searching for graduate scholarships may be free, but some documents that you need for your application may come at a cost, like transcripts.

Top 6 Resources for Finding Graduate School Scholarships

Below are the top resources for finding graduate school grants and scholarships.

  • Fastweb
  • Gograd
  • Unigo
  • Scholarship America
  • Scholly
  • Professional Associations


Fastweb is one of the largest college advice and financial aid databases available. You can use the platform to search through over 1.5 million scholarships. According to the company, those scholarships total over $3.4 billion in value. You need to create an account with them to find scholarships that matches your strength and interest.


If you’re not sure how you’ll afford a master’s degree, GoGrad can help by providing tips and advice on how to pay for school, including grants, federal aid, and scholarships. Gograd has a list of many scholarships in various niches. It goes beyond listing scholarships to show the worth and sponsoring organization of the scholarship.


Unigo is a site for high school seniors and current college or graduate students. It provides resources to help you decide which school is best for you and how to make the most of your education.

Unigo has an excellent and searchable database of Graduate School Scholarships. The Company also has its own grants which are quite voluminous.


Scholarship America

At scholarship America, there is a believe that every student deserves a college education, regardless of their finances. To that end, the organization gives students the resources and information they need to go to school without ending up in major debt.

Over 3.7 Billion in scholarship has been distributed to graduate school student so far by Scholarship America.

While other organizations offer small graduate school scholarships, Scholarship America offers large awards. You could receive up to $25,000 to pay for a master’s degree.


Scholly is a mobile app that makes finding grad school scholarships easier. According to the company, hundreds of thousands of students have used the app to identify over $70 million in scholarship opportunities. You can’t apply for scholarships on Scholly (yet), but the app can help you find money you would have otherwise missed.

Creating an account on Schooly which is available n Android and IOS will help you to find scholarships that are good fit for you.

Professional Associations

Although there isn’t an app or a snazzy database to find them, you can identify valuable scholarships via professional associations. To encourage students and professionals to continue their education and improve their expertise in a given field, these organizations give out thousands each year.


With all this plethora of information at your disposal, there is only one thing you will need to do which is very simple, grab the phone and laptop, go straight to this apps and website and do yourself the favor of applying for a Graduate School Scholarship.

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