How To Start Pure And Bottled Water Production Business In Nigeria

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How To Start Pure And Bottled Water Production Business In Nigeria.

How To Start Pure And Bottled Water Production Business In Nigeria…Have you ever thought of pure water and bottle water production business? Does it occur to you that water is a necessity of life? Are you aware that water is one of the few commodities without enemy? Do you know that water business has the capability of feeding you and your family, providing for your needs, and also give you extra cash to save for future needs? Are you still unsure of which profitable business to do, even though you have enough capital?  Whichever way you are thinking, this article is set to guide you to see the unimaginable benefits of pure water and bottle water production business.

How To Start Pure And Bottled Water Production Business In Nigeria

So you have been searching for how to start sachet and bottle water production business here in Nigeria? Congrats as you search will most like end as we have taken time to cover the following [Bottled Water Production Business, Bottled Water Production Business Plan Pdf, Bottled Water Production Business Plan, Bottled Water Production Business In Nigeria, Bottled Water Factory Business Plan, Bottled Water Industry Business, Business Plan For Bottled Water Production In Nigeria, Business Plan For Bottled Water Production, Business Plan On Bottled Water Production, Bottled Water Manufacturing Business Plan, Bottled Water Manufacturing Business Plan Pdf, Sachet Water Production Business, Sachet Water Production Business Plan Pdf, Sachet Water Production Business Plan, A Sample Sachet Water Production Business Plan Template,Business Plan For Sachet Water Production In Nigeria, Business Plan For Sachet Water Production, Business Plan For Sachet Water Production Pdf, Sample Business Plan For Sachet Water Production, Business Plan On Sachet Water Production.] Continuee reading to get more information.

Bottled Water Production Business

Bottled Water Production Business In Nigeria

Our country, Nigeria is surely a blessed country with a large market demand for the production of goods and services that are highly demanded and consumed by the citizens. One of the most important and highly demanded commodities in Nigerians is “Bottled water/Pure water production business”. You know why? Everybody drinks water. We all need water to survive.

The estimated population of Nigeria is over 180,000 000 and there is a massive demand by all the citizens, residents, and visitors to Nigeria for water. Therefore, despite many bottled water/pure water companies in the country today, you can still make it in this venture.

A lot of people don’t quickly see an opportunity in this business simply because of the low cost of bottled water or pure water. Bottled water cost #100 or #50 depending on your area while pure water cost #10. So, a lot of people feel that they won’t make much from the business. This is absolutely wrong because products that sell fast and better are the ones which are sold at little prices. Imagine #10 multiplied by just 1% of the estimated population of Nigeria. That gives us #1,800 000 daily. Wow! That’s huge. Remember the theory of demand which states that “The lower the price, the higher the amount of purchase”. This is a pragmatic theory and you have to key in.

One of the challenges you may encounter when starting bottled water/pure water Production business in Nigeria is the costs. The analyzed cost of running a bottled water/pure water business in Nigeria varies from one end to another and this may affect your start-up plans. In this article, I will list out and explain the steps, facilities, and equipment needed to start pure and bottled water production. From there, you can discover your estimates for your business start-up cost.

Steps On How To Start A Bottled Water/Pure Water Production Business In Nigeria

Write a business proposal.

You should write out a good business plan/proposal for yourself.  Your business plan should include howand when to start, where and who are your value chain in the business. The right equipment to buy, the number of workers needed must be part of the business plan. The amount of money you plan to start with, and also your expected and estimated income. This plans/proposal will also be helpful in terms of sourcing for fund from the loan providers.

Conduct Proper Research.

For any business to be successful, it requires thorough research analysis. Before you start pure and bottled water business you should do a detailed research on the business first. Meet the professionals and discuss with other entrepreneurs who are already in the business.

Get the needed funds

You can get money to start this business from your personal savings. You can get also business funds from member of your family and relatives. Borrow money from friends, parents, siblings, and uncles. Itisvery good if you come from a family that can lend you money because they will you offer such moneys without requesting for interests and you don’t have to service the debt.

Register with NAFDAC and get your NAFDAC REG. NO

Before you start selling your products you must make sure that you get clearance from the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Upon approval, you will be given the NAFDAC registration number. This is highly required and sometimes it takes up to some months to get it.

Get a Good Business Location

After writing your clear business plans and doing your rigorous research, the next thing to do is to find a good site layout or land for your bottled water/pure water production business. If you have enough money, you may choose to buy a land and build like four rooms or more on it. However, if you don’t have enough capital, you may choose to rent. But whichever one you choose, you need some rooms for many activities like:

  1. A storage room for finished product
  2. A room for production which should be directly in front of (1) above.
  3. A store room for raw materials
  4. A small laboratory room
  5. A Room for offices
  6. A waste material room which should be separately built
  7. Visitors room
  8. Director’s office.
  9. Clock room; where your workers can change their clothes.
  10. A toilet and bathroom (don’t ignore this because NAFDAC will visit and check it up before approval in bottled water/pure water production can be granted).

More so, the production house should be well-ventilated. You should make provision for a stand-by power generating set it. When you want to choose your location, you should get a place that is not close to cemetery, waste dumps, sewage deposit, petrol, chemicals or places that contaminate your water source. In this line of business, you need to be hygienic. You will agree with me that it is a business that deals with feeding a lot of people and you can’t afford to spread typhoid cholera or diarrhea via your bottled and/or pure water.

Consider your Source of Water

You must consider your source of water provision for this bottled water/pure water production business. Your source of water should be well-dug borehole water which must be deep enough for the source of clean and drinkable water. Do not even think of contracting or paying water tankers providers to provide you water. The outcome is not suitable at all. Dig a proper borehole of your own, because it is your source of basic raw material for your business.So, you shouldn’t play with it. You should also get some overhead tank to store up water. Closely monitor the sanitary conditions of these tanks and take proper care of them regularly.

BuyWater Production and Management Equipment

There are key equipment you seriously need in bottled water/pure water production business which you can never overlook. Before you purchase those items, anyway, try to do enough research on them so that you can get the good ones. Some of the key equipment includes:

  1. Industrial water filters and distiller;
  2. Automated form and sealing machine also for Nylon bags/plastics bottles
  3. Commercial Water Softeners and Filters
  4. High Volume Reverse Osmosis Skid and Mobile Units (it’s one of the most widely used, highly effective and it’s easier to install.)
  5. Distillers
  6. Storage Tank
  7. Pressure Vessels
  8. 3 Phase Pumps and Control Panels
  9. Metering Pumps
  10. Resins and Other Filter Media
  11. Ultra Violet lights
  12. Ozonizer (if needed).
  13. Ultra air sterilizer and many more


You need human manpower for your bottled water/pure water business to thrive. These are human resources who will perform certain distinct roles in your bottled water/pure water business. This is a business that you cannot do alone; you need division of labourto meet up demands. You will need the services of cleaners, machine operators, packers, drivers and motor boys. Some of them may be necessary at the commencement of the business, others, you may need later when the business has advanced and have need of them.

Get a Truck

Yes, a truck is needed in this business to help in the marketing and distribution of the product to your costumers. However, if you cannot afford a truck, you go for a portable tricycle

Do the Marketing

Having gotten all that is required and begun production, what you are left with now is the marketing and distribution of your water/pure water.Like I told you earlier, despite the seeming completion in bottled water/pure water production business in Nigeria,there is no cause for fear because given the large available market, you can still excel in it. Make sure you do a vigorous marketing of your product and watch it start selling in no time.

What’s your take, did you find any useful information on Bottled Water Production Business In Nigeria? Please help others to get informed by clicking the share button. Thanks.

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