How To Become A Successful Student Blogger

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How To Become A Successful Student Blogger

How To Become A Successful Student Blogger

How To Become A Successful Student Blogger…Developing a blog to a level it can be called successful need time, dedication, focus, and energy. To become a successful blogger as a student means you have to combine your work and studies. Do you think that is possible?

To start with, this post is only for those who are already into blogging, so if you are planning to start you can take a look at how to start blogging as a student in Nigeria. There you will find a clear guide on how to start blogging as a student and become successful.

To succeed as a student blogger you need to have what other bloggers have because you are not different from them. The only thing is that you will have to work smart because of your limited time.

Like I said earlier I will show you how to become a successful blogger as a student. You can take a look at why you need to start a blog while in school.

Back to the earlier points I noted; Time, focus, dedication, and energy.

But that’s not all you need.

You need to work smart.

In a quick summary, you need the following to succeed as a student blogger.

  • Full knowledge and understanding of internet business
  • Time/ patience
  • Consistency
  • Focus/determination
  • Little money
How To Become A Successful Student Blogger

How To Become A Successful Student Blogger

Full knowledge and understanding of internet business

Well, I might say that knowledge can save us from a lot of troubles. This is still my first year in the world of internet marketing and I know how far I’ve gone simply by having the right knowledge. You can check out the Alexa rank of my blog which is just three months old. It will tell you how far I’ve gone. I’m not trying to boast please but this is just to encourage you that if you have the right knowledge you can go very far.

To have a good knowledge of internet business, you must have a successful online mentor; a mentor who will be loving and willing to guide you through the blogging process.

In a recap, the basic areas you must sharpen your skills on before you begin posting articles anyhow on your blog should include;

Sharpening your skill on these areas before going all out to post articles on your blog will make you achieve in three months what your colleagues couldn’t in 2 years. It is certain.

Time/ patience

One of the virtues that have almost become extinct in our contemporary society is the golden virtue of patience. You’ve probably heard the adage that the patient dog eats the fattest bone. This is unarguably true. Patience is needed to succeed as a blogger.

The “now now” mentality of our generation is an antidote to success. When you’ve done all the necessary things you should do on your blog as a student, create time for your studies and allow time for your blog to grow. The traffic will definitely come.

Just make sure you concentrate on your academic works. By the time you graduate, your blog would have developed to a level where it generates enough income to keep you robust and fat and you won’t need any paid job again. Never!

Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme. Focus on your studies, work hard, your blog will grow.


Consistency is the only bridge between accomplishments and goals. If you take away this one thing from other things that make a successful internet marketer, everything will crumble.

Because your time is very, you need to be very consistent. If you can set aside three to five hours every day to work on your blog after studies you will definitely succeed.


Added to consistency should be an unwavering focus and determination.  Set goals for yourself every day. How many articles do you want to publish in a day? What time of the day should you write?

What are the practices you should drop and the best practices you should pick up? How much do you want to make in a month 100, 1000 or 3000 dollars?

Determine never to give up no matter how slow your blog might seem to be running.

Little money

Now, after you’ve done this thing and it seems your blog is crawling like a snail, then there is only one last thing that you need. What do you need money for?

Well to answer that question, I will tell you what I used my money for.

I used money to;

  • Buy strong backlinks
  • Buy premium tools such as ahref to monitor my competitors’ backlinks and which keywords there are ranking for and how I can outrank them.
  • Pay people to write quality articles on my blog.
  • Pay people to do blog commenting to generate more backlink
  • Buy small Facebook groups to generate more traffic.
  • Run ads on social media

I strongly believe that with this guide on How To Become A Successful Student Blogger, if you follow my steps you will definitely succeed.

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  1. Techpunch says:

    Hi Emmanuel, I remember when you were just starting out, That time too, I was struggling with traffic on (I don’t use this anymore)
    You’re a very good blogger and I can say consistency was what brought you up to this stage. Nice tips you’ve shared for newbies here. I’ll make sure I share.

  2. Godwin says:

    I love this post.. keep it up brother

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