8 Best Spanish Universities for International Students

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8 Best Spanish Universities for International Students…Check Out The Eight Best Spanish Universities To Study For International Students that We Have Compiled, It Is Our Believe That After Going Through this List, You Will Be Able To Decide Whether To Study In Spain Or Not.

8 Best Spanish Universities for International Students.

Best Spanish Universities for International Students.

Choosing where to pursue your study abroad is an exciting yet incredibly difficult adventure. In view of this, first of all, congratulations on choosing to study in Spain!  You have made a great choice! Now that you’ve narrowed down the location of your study abroad experience, it may have occurred to you that Spain has lots of excellent universities and colleges to choose from. Do not be afraid, that’s why you have landed on an article like this and are continuing your journey towards selecting the perfect place for you (see, you are already doing a great job).

One thing you must keep in mind during your search is that no matter which one of the many Spanish colleges or universities you attend, it will be wonderful and you will fill your mind with new and exciting knowledge. So, as you make your final decision, it is important that you have an idea of what you are looking for. Universities and colleges in Spain come in every shape and size, there is no one size that fits all the rules when it comes to choosing your home for the next few months or years.

Most Spanish colleges or universities are more accommodating to international students than others. Some have a huge number of students while others prefer maintaining a smaller class size. Furthermore, each one is situated differently ranging from being on the ocean to being tucked away on rolling hills. The best college in Spain for you is out there, you just have to do a little search to find it. Whether you are looking for English speaking universities in Spain, universities in Madrid, universities in Barcelona, or international universities in Spain, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that this list of the best universities in Spain beckoning on international students will assist you in your search. But before we provide you with the list, let’s look at the benefits of studying in Spain.

Why study in Spain?

Earning your degree doesn’t have to be a boring, or stressful exercise especially if you take the leap to study at one of the many colleges in Spain or Spanish universities. Whether you are looking for the tranquility of sandy beaches, the soft breeze of the coast, new perspective from the top of rolling mountains or the hustle and bustle of cities, Spain has all what you need.

With about seventeen autonomous regions, you will experience not only the striking differences in Spain’s natural landscapes, but cultural differences as well. Listen for the soft lisp of Catalan as you sip coffee and admire Gaudi’s architecture on the streets of Barcelona, look for the Moorish influence while exploring the Alcazar of Seville, or take a day to get lost in the Prado museum in Madrid. Wherever you go, you are sure to experience something new and exciting. With world renowned colleges and universities everywhere you look, you will learn as you indulge in wholesome adventures and ultimately walk away with a world-class education.

1.The University of Valencia (La Universitat de València)

Located in Spain’s third largest city, hugging the beautiful Mediterranean coast, is the historical University of Valencia. Founded in 1499, the University is one of the oldest standing universities in Spain. The three main campuses are spread throughout the urban city, but are located close enough to the coast so that you can escape to the beach for a quick stroll. Don’t let the use of Valencian, a variety of Catalan, throw you off. Most of the locals speak Spanish, just be sure to register for classes taught in Spanish or English rather than Valencian!

2. The Pablo de Olavide University (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)

Pablo de Olavide University is located just outside the city center of Seville and is spaciously spread out across many acres. A quick bus ride will take you to the heart of Seville where you can walk the pedestrian friendly streets and see the birthplace of Flamenco. This good looking university was built in 1997 and offers many modern amenities including university wide WiFi, dorms on campus, sporting fields, and an enormous library. Home to about 10,000 students, you may not get as many program choices or connections as at other universities, but you will get a more traditional university experience and form deep bonds with fellow students.

3. The University of Granada (Universidad de Granada)

The University of Granada is the fourth largest university in Spain; this University of Granada hosts a large percentage of international students each year. It is widely considered to be not only one of the best universities in Spain, but also one of the best universities for international students as well. With about five campuses and a wide array of subjects to study, you are sure to feel catered to and you will be able to meet students from across the world. Just try not to slip into your native tongue if learning Spanish is your goal!

4. The University of Salamanca (Universidad de Salamanca)

If the big city life and blending into the background of a crowded lecture hall aren’t your scene, the University of Salamanca is sure to be the place for you. While you are studying in this historic city with a small town feel, you will see yourself immersed in the daily life of Spanish culture. With the unique title of the oldest founded university in Spain, the University of Salamanca is a sought after study abroaddestination for students across the world.

5. University of Deusto (Universidad Deusto)

The University of Deusto is not just any private university, it is the oldest private university in Spain and the founder of Spain’s first Business school. This academically and historically important university draws a lot of local Spanish students and a good number of international students. Found in the Basque country of northern Spain, students experience a mix of Spanish, French, and Basque culture and language. While religiously affiliated schools aren’t for everyone, Catholics and non Catholics alike succeed in their world renowned programs.

6. The Nebrija University (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija)

Though being a relatively small school of about 4,000 students across three campuses, Nebrija University maintains a strong draw for foreign students. A private university located in the heart of the capital of Spain, international students find themselves integrated in classes with Spaniards. Enjoy the feel of a small university with all the perks, classes, and program options of a larger university while experiencing the hustle and bustle of Madrid.

7. The Complutense University of Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

This university continues to earn a spot on the list of top universities in Spain. In addition to sporting the title of the most prestigious academic institution in Spain, Complutense University lives up to the hype. With lists of famous and prize winning alumni, you will surely be academically challenged and motivated. This university has a strong focus on research and allows you the opportunity to learn from world leaders in your field. The large student body and urban feel can be challenging for some, however, it is certainly worth it if you can find your place and feel at home.

8.The University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona)

The University of Barcelona is a well-known research center in the heart of Catalonia. With thousands of publications and numerous departments and professors behind it, the University of Barcelona is no stranger to the list of top universities in Spain. In fact, it is projected as the No. 1 university in Spain for 2018. Known for its international excellence, this university is a natural choice for international students looking to experience the magic of Barcelona.

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