The 10 Skills You Need To Become Employable In 2018.

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The 10 Skills You Need To Become Employable In 2018.

Getting a job nowadays is getting harder and harder. Staying employed is even getting harder as well. You just have to know that there are things you must do to stay employable in this kind of situation.

The 10 Skills You Need To Become Employable In 2018.

The 10 Skills You Need To Become Employable In 2018.

Dreaming of a hot career while in school is quite easy, but getting a job in actual reality is certainly a difficult task. The truth is that there are limited vacancies to accommodate the massive graduates being released from the university every year. To overcome the unemployable trend in Nigeria, You need to become employable: i.e. you need to become Indispensable in your field.


When you are applying for any Job Position, you just have to know that that are some things you employers need. Knowing what your employers need will certainly be the Midas touch you need to get that dream Job. This is why in this article today; we have decided to look at those things which can make you employable this year. If you go through this guide you will certainly find the step to take to become employable this year.


Here are the Skills You Need To Become Employable In 2018

To become employable and get that dream or hot job, you need to develop the following.


  1. Communication Skills
  2. A good certificate
  3. Tech Skills
  4. Profesional Certifications
  5. Dressing Skills
  6. Driving And Swimming Skills
  7. Ability To Speak Several Languages
  8. Sound Knowledge about the company you want to work with
  9. Persistence (Learn never to give up until you get what you want)
  10. Hot Curriculum Vitae.




Communication Skills

Communication is the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Read How to develop effective communication skills here.

Communication you have to know is the most important skill you have to develop as a living being. you cannot be a lonely tree in the midst of a forest. Knowing how to communicate effectively make you beautiful, adorable and socially acceptable.


Put a charming smile on your face and learn to communicate in good English both written and verbally.


A good certificate

Skills can earn you a living, but certificate gives you a class. Like I’ve always said a degree is never a measure of your intelligence but it gives you an opportunity to express yourself and opinions.


For example, most companies require that you graduate with first class, second class upper or lower. Graduates from Monotechnics would be required to provide a distinction, an upper or lower credit. Some jobs even require good O-level (Waec/Neco/Nabteb) results.


With anything less than the qualifications above, you won’t be granted an interview irrespective of your skills.


You might have a first class in school, but have you gotten a first class in Life?


See to it that while you are in school you learn a skill and graduate with a good certificate.



Tech Skills

ICT has definitely taken over the world. In today’s world, if you are not ICT literate, you will be certainly backward in most areas of life in your field.


The world is moving at the speed of light at such an astronomical rate. You certainly need to move along.


One of the most required skills in this century is tech skills. You may not know how to create database table or code Operating systems. You may not even be a blogger or an SEO Expert like me. However, you should be able to boot and shut down a computer system. You should also be able to type, copy, format and print documents.


There is a joke I like cracking whenever I’m with my Tech-savvy friends and that is: After God is GOOGLE so fear Google. Honestly speaking, there is nothing on this earth that you can’t find on Google. If you don’t want to go to any ICT center to learn to compute; then Just Google it.

Profesional Certifications

One question employers ask is, “what else can you do?”.


Now, let me ask you the question, what can you do outside your certificate? The place of professional certificates and affiliations in job interviews cannot be overemphasized. They give you a sharp edge over fellow job seekers.


Having a professional certificate is an additional boost and I believe you are quite aware of that.


You can get certain professional certificates from Seminars, Symposium and as a result of your positions in certain organizations. This is wise step to get a hot job in 2018.

Before attending any Job Interview Read This Post : Seven Things You Must Know Before Attending A Job Interview.

Dressing Skills

In an article I wrote on my blog LIfeinfopedia, I did emphasize on clothes as one of the things which you mustn’t fail to buy whenever you have money.


How many times have you bought a bad product because of the packaging? Certainly speaking, life is all about packaging. The way you dress is the way you are addressed.


There is a story I once read when a millionaire once went to a bank, He mistook the cashier for the manager because of the way he dressed. And of a truth, the cashier did one day become the manager of the bank.

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Driving And Swimming Skills

You know this one quite well you can get a friend to teach you how to drive or you can go to one of the driving schools in town and grab their forms. Being able to drive or swim is an added advantage in the case of an emergency and can make you employable this year.

Ability To Speak Several Languages

Being able to communicate beyond your native language and the English language will help you get a job. You never can tell, you might be employed as an interpreter in a multinational or even as a diplomat.

Sound Knowledge about the company you want to work with

Well, this one is certainly very important. Take time to research about the company of your dream before going for the interview. So many times people have been asked “what do you know about this company?” and that’s where they bluff and disqualify themselves. Take time to research about that company before going for the interview.

Persistence (Learn never to give up until you get what you want)

Consistency is the only bridge between accomplishments and goals and that is a favorite quote of mine. A friend of mine once told me how his brother went for an interview, the young man and the rest had to be repeatedly told to come back several days. So on this fateful day, the manager of the construction company was in his office monitoring them without their knowledge. There were hidden cameras everywhere. So these guys were being made to wait for over six hours while being told that the manager will meet them shortly. Soon, the rest of the guys started grumbling saying hateful words and pacing up and down. But my friend’s brother was quietly sitting where he sat since he came that morning with a smile. Little did the young man know that he was being monitored. Not too long the manager came out of his office to their bewilderment. There were expecting to be called into an office to be interviewed. But the man told them that their interview has been already conducted and the best two has been selected. Guess who they picked firs-My friend’s brother. These people were being tested on how persistent they are. Learn to be persistent and never give up. It will help you get a job this year.

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Hot Curriculum Vitae.

The importance of a CV cannot be overemphasized.

This is a vital requirement for job seekers required for a job opening. It is a professional document that outlines your life activities. CV is slightly different from a resume.


If you don’t know how to create a resume, You can see how to write a killer CV than can get you employed anywhere.

In general, CVs are used throughout most parts of the world, while the resume is the common format in America.


Although in essence they both serve the same purpose, the main difference between a CV and resume is that a CV acts as a complete record of your professional history, while a resume is a short targeted list of transferable skills and accomplishments, intended to show how you can be of specific benefit to the particular organization to which you are apply.


Finally, develop your confidence. Your confidence makes you attractive and lovable.

With these skills, you should be able to get a job in 2018. What do you think? Are they any other skill you know which can make someone employable? Share with us.

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